Are our best students too busy?

Most adolescents today are busy. For many, the older they get the busier they get. School contributes to this high activity life by making available a wide range of opportunities: sports teams, class trips, school camps, music tuition, overseas trips, drama, leadership courses, fundraising events, leadership roles, social events, music groups, etc.  All of this … Continued

School Rules

Schools are complex organisations. In order to have them operate in an effective manner they tend to have an array of policies, procedures and rules. There has been media coverage recently focusing on disagreements between schools and parents regarding school rules. There is often a broad range of opinions about the validity or importance of … Continued

Watch out for winter weather

The winter season brings with it an increased possibility that they school may have to close due to extreme weather events. Any time the school is closed unexpectedly it causes great disruption to programmes within the school and also for the wider school community who often have to scramble to arrange care for younger students. … Continued