Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize

I had the pleasure of attending the ceremony at Te Papa where Tim Logan was presented with the Prime Minister’s Future Scientist Prize. Also attending were Tim’s parents, grandparents, sisters, as well as George Watson and Mr Baars – a well-deserved celebration. Tim has used his intellect, initiative and enthusiasm for biology to be able to take an opportunity when it was presented. By doing an impressive job with an investigation for a science fair project he has become eligible for a range of awards and opportunities. Since the prize was announced we have had a number of Universities and organisations wanting to get in contact with Tim to suggest future possibilities.

Tim’s success is a great example of a school community working together to support the talents of a student. Tim has been supported by his family, teachers at the school, local businesses (Landcare Research), local organisations (Te Ara Kakariki), and national organisations (e.g. The Royal Society). We have many talented students and Tim’s achievement reminds us of the rewards that can be earned when we step beyond our comfort zone.

Darfield High School got special mention at the ceremony as the recipient of the Emerging Scientist Prize, Karl Iremonger, is a Darfield High School ex-student. Karl was Dux and a prefect in 1997 and his Mum still lives in Darfield. Karl receives a $200,000 award to support the research he is doing.