• Marie‐Therese

    Tena koutou katoa

    Ko Lahnberge toku maunga

    Ko Lahn toku awa

    Ko te kura tuarua o tawera toku kura inaianei

    Ko Schmidt toku ingoa whanau

    Ko Marie‐Therese toku ingoa

    No Marburg ahau engari e noho ana au ki tawera mo … Read more

  • Freddy from Germany

    I had such a great time here in New Zealand and especially here in Darfield. I enjoyed school very much and met a lot of fantastic people here. The teachers were just great and so nice to me. The Athletics … Read more

  • Carolin from Germany

    I don’t already want to say “Good bye”. It seems like I have only just arrived in New Zealand a few months ago but it’s actually already been almost 12 months.

    I want to thank all of you for making … Read more

  • Antonia from Germany

    This was my second life and I cannot write down a life on a sheet of paper. What I did here is what I will carry in my heart for all my life to come. It is the perspective of … Read more

  • Chanin Pinthong

    Hi. My name is Chanin Pinthong but you can call me “Safe”.  I’m a Year 13 student at Darfield High School. I’ve been staying here for three years. I enjoy staying in New Zealand, especially in Darfield. Darfield High School … Read more

  • Yi Zheng from China

    I love Darfield High School and I really don’t want to leave here. I feel so sad because I am leaving all my lovely friends. I will never forget our relationships and the memories of Darfield High School.Hi, I’m Yi … Read more

  • Isabelle from Germany

    Everyone at Darfield High School was great and thank you very much for everything you did for me! I will miss you.I’m really sorry that I had to leave — I didn’t want to leave New Zealand. I had an … Read more

  • Heechan Kim from Korea

    My name is Heechan Kim and I am from Korea. I came to Darfield High School in 2008 as a Year 12 student. This year I will graduate as a Year 13 student. I have felt very much at home … Read more

  • Why Darfield High School?

    Why Darfield High School?

    I chose this school for my daughter because it is located away from Christchurch city but near a Ski Resort, which is one of her favourite sports since she was in Japan. By the time my … Read more

  • Mona from Germany

    Hi—my name is Mona and I am from Germany. I decided to spend one of my 13 high school years at Darfield High School in New Zealand. It has been absolutely amazing. I would never have imagined that this would … Read more