• Marie‐Therese

    Tena koutou katoa Ko Lahnberge toku maunga Ko Lahn toku awa Ko te kura tuarua o tawera toku kura inaianei Ko Schmidt toku ingoa whanau Ko Marie‐Therese toku ingoa No Marburg ahau engari e noho ana au ki tawera mo te tou rua mano tekau ma tahi No reira Ten months ago the year was … Continued

  • Freddy from Germany

    I had such a great time here in New Zealand and especially here in Darfield. I enjoyed school very much and met a lot of fantastic people here. The teachers were just great and so nice to me. The Athletics Day and Tabloid Sports Day were just fun. GO KIKORANGI! I’m gonna miss you all … Continued

  • Carolin from Germany

    I don’t already want to say “Good bye”. It seems like I have only just arrived in New Zealand a few months ago but it’s actually already been almost 12 months. I want to thank all of you for making it such an amazing time! I have had so much fun with my awesome host … Continued

  • Antonia from Germany

    This was my second life and I cannot write down a life on a sheet of paper. What I did here is what I will carry in my heart for all my life to come. It is the perspective of this world that I gained, and I thank luck, including Judy, Sarah and Shona, all … Continued

  • Chanin Pinthong

    Hi. My name is Chanin Pinthong but you can call me “Safe”.  I’m a Year 13 student at Darfield High School. I’ve been staying here for three years. I enjoy staying in New Zealand, especially in Darfield. Darfield High School is not a big school but it’s filled with love and kindness. There are so … Continued

  • Yi Zheng from China

    I love Darfield High School and I really don’t want to leave here. I feel so sad because I am leaving all my lovely friends. I will never forget our relationships and the memories of Darfield High School.Hi, I’m Yi Zheng. I’m from Beijing in China. Beijing is a big and busy city and that’s … Continued

  • Isabelle from Germany

    Everyone at Darfield High School was great and thank you very much for everything you did for me! I will miss you.I’m really sorry that I had to leave — I didn’t want to leave New Zealand. I had an awesome time here, actually it was the best time of my life. All the International … Continued

  • Heechan Kim from Korea

    My name is Heechan Kim and I am from Korea. I came to Darfield High School in 2008 as a Year 12 student. This year I will graduate as a Year 13 student. I have felt very much at home while I have been at Darfield High School, thanks to the International Department. The staff … Continued

  • Why Darfield High School?

    Why Darfield High School? I chose this school for my daughter because it is located away from Christchurch city but near a Ski Resort, which is one of her favourite sports since she was in Japan. By the time my daughter was only 13 years old, we lived in Bangkok, which is a big city … Continued

  • Mona from Germany

    Hi—my name is Mona and I am from Germany. I decided to spend one of my 13 high school years at Darfield High School in New Zealand. It has been absolutely amazing. I would never have imagined that this would be such a dream year. I made really good friends who made the year what … Continued