2017 Darfield High School Ski Programme

Porters Ski Area would like to encourage safe skiing and boarding through regular education and raising skill levels.

The management of Porters Ski Area has reviewed how school ski programmes will run in the future. As from this year, there will be only two packages to choose from:

Package 1
$40.00 per half day plus $20.00 for transport and admin costs. This equates to $60.00 per trip or $600.00 for 10 trips. Cost includes equipment hire, lift pass and four one and a half hour lessons.
NOTE: This package total cost is similar to previous years.

Package 2
This package is for those who hold a season pass and have their own equipment.
$35.00 for one and a half hour lesson for four lessons plus $20.00 for transport and admin costs each trip. This equates to $140.00 total for lessons, plus $200.00 for transport, a total of $340.00 for 10 trips.


  • If I have my own skis/board but no season pass? Purchase Package 1.
  • Can I pay progressively? Yes, provided total amount is paid by 21 June.
  • How many lessons do students have? Four one and a half hour lessons.
  • Are snowboards available at Porters? Yes, they can be hired under Package 1.
  • Can parents ski? Yes, under the same terms as the students, although lessons are available only for beginners.


Enrolments closed 21 June 2017.

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