School Donation

The school donation is a voluntary payment that the school requests from families. It enables the school to provide facilities and services for students that are not otherwise able to be provided by government funding, eg additional library books and computers.  The donation requested is $150 for a single student and $200 for a family. The donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

School Fees

A subject fee is a charge for materials where the end product belongs to the student and is taken home, eg technology projects and course workbooks. Parents are made aware that charges for materials are a feature of courses in the course handbook. Parents signing the course selection form indicates that they are aware of the fees and will undertake to pay them for courses their child is enrolled in.

A stationery fee is charged to pay for the school diary, school calendar and some student printing.

An activity fee is a charge for a school activity in order to cover the actual costs of the activity, for example, transport and entry fees. Activity fees are charged for activities such as camps, sports teams, subject field trips, and performances. Any activity where an activity fee is requested will be notified with a school letter. Activity fees need to be paid prior to the event and are usually returned with permission slips.

School Magazine: There is a separate magazine charge of $20.00, which is included on the school fees invoice. If you would like a magazine, please include $20.00 with your payment. We will produce only the number of magazines which are paid for by the end of Term Three.

If a family has concerns regarding their ability to pay any fees, they should contact the Executive Officer to discuss options available.

Bank Account: All payments to school (school fees, activity fees, NCEA fees, etc) can be made by direct credit to the following bank account:

Darfield High School – ASB Bank Limited, Riccarton – 12-3147-0207317-00

Please include the student’s name and the reason for the payment, eg Camp Fees.