The Darfield High School Board of Trustees requires students from Year 7 to Year 12 to wear regulation uniform. Year 13 students wear tidy mufti (see guidelines below). Uniform creates a good public image and provides a neat standard of dress for all students. We encourage students to take pride in their appearance and ask that parents support the school in ensuring that their children wear regulation uniform, maintained in a neat and clean standard, and have clothing clearly named.

Students must wear blazers on special occasions and assembly days. Ties are required in Terms 2 and 3.

Hair – Must be neat and clean. Extreme styles or colours are not permitted.
Jewellery – The only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch and one plain silver or gold stud per ear.
Makeup – Is not permitted for Years 7-12 students.
Clean Shaven – Male students, at all levels, are to be clean shaven at all times.
Undergarments – Must not show at the open neck of shirts or above the waistband of trousers or shorts.
Beanie/cap/scarf – May be worn outside but not inside school buildings.

Year 13 Mufti Guidelines

Key considerations:

  • The desire for a high standard of dress through providing guidelines for an appropriate standard of dress
  • Year 13 demonstrating leadership in action and appearance
  • Allowing some choice in recognition of senior role in school

The normal day wear for Year 13 students is either school uniform or very tidy mufti. Year 13 students are the student leaders in the school and their standard of dress should be equivalent to the formality of the normal school uniform. It is expected that students who represent the school at formal events will wear a school blazer or a formal black blazer.

Very Tidy Mufti:

  • Shorts or trousers with zip fly
  • Skirts or dresses
  • Collared shirt or blouse
  • Blazer, jersey, cardigan, jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Tie for formal occasions, eg Prize Giving, Assemblies during Terms 2 and 3
  • Students should bring a change of clothes when required for sports activities

Appropriate mufti is:

  • Clean, tidy and in good condition
  • Modest (ie all clothing should cover from shoulder to mid-thigh – no midriff showing)
  • Boys should be clean shaven
  • Jewellery (no visible piercings, except in ears) and make-up should not be excessive
  • Appropriate to situations (eg, for health and safety reasons, covered footwear is to be worn in Science Labs, Food and Nutrition Room, and Design Technology Rooms)
  • Any words, logos or images must be appropriate for school situation, eg no alcohol or drug connotations or offensive language

Not permitted:

  • Sportswear: sports shoes, track pants, sports shorts, rugby jerseys
  • Beachwear
  • T-Shirts or singlets
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts
  • Extreme hair styles

If unsure if an item is permitted, please check with the school in advance of wearing an item to school.

Uniform Sales

All uniform items are available from The Warehouse in Rolleston.

Uniform Brochure

BlazerDarfield High School Boys’ Blazer
ShirtLong or short sleeved chambray blue viscose-blend shirt, embroidered with crest. Short-sleeved shirts are not to be worn with long-sleeved thermals.
TieSchool Tie
TrousersDark navy trousers
ShortsTailored navy shorts (polyviscose/summer-weight)
ShortsTailored navy shorts (woollen/winter-weight)
JerseyMaroon knit jersey with navy edging and crest
SocksBlack knee length
ShoesPlain, black polished leather lace-up or slip-on
SandalsPlain, flat-soled black leather
AnorakA plain navy or black jacket with zip front. Must be shower proof
School ScarfDarfield High School style
Sports CapNavy and maroon with crest
Bucket HatNavy with crest
SunhatWide-brimmed with crest
Polar Fleece BeanieNavy beanie with crest
BlazerDarfield High School Girls’ Blazer
Gym DressDarfield High School gym dress. The gym dress should not be worn above the knee or down to the ankle. The acceptable length is mid-calf.
ShortsTailored navy shorts
BlouseLong or short sleeved chambray blue viscose blend blouse embroidered with school crest. Short-sleeved blouses are not to be worn with long-sleeved thermals
TieSchool Tie
SocksBlack knee length
Black TightsMay be worn only with the gym dress
ShoesPlain@ flat-soled black polished leather lace up@ t-bars or d-bars
SandalsPlain@ flat-soled black leather (must not tie or strap up above the ankle)
JerseyMaroon knit jersey with navy edging and crest
AnorakA plain navy or black jacket with zip front. Must be shower proof
School ScarfSchool style
Sports CapNavy and maroon with crest
Bucket HatNavy with crest
SunhatWide-brimmed with crest
Polar fleece BeanieNavy beanie with crest