When a student begins at Darfield High School, they become a member of one of the four Houses. Each House is run by a Staff Leader and a House Leader, a Year 13 student who liaises with the students. The House system has been re-introduced to encourage a positive atmosphere at Darfield High School and to enhance participation in events and relationships among students.

Students participate in various events (see House points), covering sporting, cultural and academic activities, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to contribute. Placing in specific events and participation in events are both rewarded, provided that students are honouring the spirit of the event.



Colour: Blue
Symbol: Blue Sky
Association: Air
Student Co-Leader: Jemma Dalley
Student Co-Leader: Abbey Thornley
Staff Leader: Mrs Rangi
Deputy: Miss Petersen



Colour: Yellow/Gold
Symbol: Rising Sun
Association: Fire
Student Co-Leader: Reilly Neal
Student Co-Leader: Hanako Wilson
Staff Leader: Mrs Wilson
Deputy: Mr Adams



Colour: Red
Symbol: Mountain
Association: Earth
Student Co-Leader: Georgia Allison
Student Co-Leader: Shanali Maharaj
Staff Leader: Mrs Juhel
Deputy: Mr Jermyn



Colour: Green
Symbol: River
Association: Water
Student Co-Leader: Sam Ridgen
Student Co-Leader: Jack Chillingworth
Staff Leader: Ms Mallinder
Deputy: Mrs Williams


House Mufti Day



House Singing
House Singing