Voice the Roar! – Stage Challenge 2016

On the 18th of May, a large crew of Darfield students took part in Stage Challenge, an event where each school comes up with a concept which raises awareness of problems in the world. The concept is portrayed through dance and acting. Our aim was to raise awareness about poaching, as it has become a prominent problem recently. The student leaders were inspired by Cecil, the lion, who was unfortunately killed by a game hunter in 2015. Because that story had gained so much media attention, we thought that the audience would be able to relate to our concept.

We started planning our performance around the end of 2015 and the choreographers (Maddie Tasker, Chloe Walker, Alexis Sutherland, Grace Lemon, Emily de Rooy and Kyla Higgins) started creating the dances. We wanted to mimic some of the movements that the different animals make, to add to the performance and to really capture the setting. Fundraising, costuming, makeup and organising began to take place and before we knew it, our performance was coming to life. The students had to go through an audition and casting process so that everything was fair and equal and so we could fit the right people to each role. Once we had picked our dancers, we taught them the routines that we had come up with and we slowly polished and made corrections to the dances. There were practices almost every lunch time for the different groups and a lot of hard work went into these practices

Our performance landed us three awards: Excellence in Costuming, Excellence in Soundtrack, and the School Community Award. We also won a prize for being the best ‘chanters’. Darfield may be small, but we are loud! We are so proud of these awards based on all the hard work behind them! As well as the performance, the day was a really great experience. Although it was an early start, the energy was high. Photos, games, banter, chanting and loads of dancing all kept the day interesting.

As well as student leaders, we had help throughout the day from a few teachers and volunteers, which was awesome. Most of all, we have to give a big thankyou to Ms Blakemore! We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without her. She came to practices, sorted all the finer details out and really helped us to be the best Stage Challenge family that we could be!

It was an amazing day overall and so much effort was put into our performance behind the scenes and from the dancers. The student leaders are so proud of every single person involved in the process and honestly couldn’t be happier with how the performance ended up. We were so grateful for all the Darfield supporters who cheered us on throughout the journey. We are proud to be part of the 2016 Stage Challenge and for the leavers of 2016, the fun experience will be sorely missed. But we will always remember to Voice The Roar! – by Kyla Higgins