Mid-Winter Christmas Party

Brighty Zhang from Yoobee School of Design came to talk to our senior international students last week. Brighty was accompanied by Roy Cheung who graduated from Darfield High School last year. Roy has been studying at Yoobee and showed us what he has been learning, including a short film which he was involved in making. Roy has worked very hard at Yoobee and will no doubt continue to be successful as he moves on to different modules.Last Friday, we held our annual Mid-Winter Christmas Party. The food was fantastic, (thanks to Mrs Anne Armstrong, with helpers Avis and Doug Hewson), the music was awesome and kept everyone dancing until the very end – thanks very much, Mr Singh! The range of music and the different dancing styles were really great to watch, and everyone had so much fun. We took the opportunity to farewell Sarah as she heads over to Alabama to stay with her former host family and attend the Alabama High School (where she was a Year 13 student) reunion. Santa Claus arrived looking very ‘Santa Claus’ with his new Santa sack! We really appreciated Santa coming out of ‘hibernation’ especially for our International Mid-Winter Christmas Party.

Well done Kento Dogin (our International Student Leader) for managing the Darfield High School Football Team. There are a number of international students in this team and we know they will give it everything they’ve got – as well as enjoying the game and having fun. Next week, we are welcoming an Education Delegation from Shandan in China. The delegation will be at school for a day visiting classes and meeting with our students from China, as well as the Darfield High School students who will be going to China later in the year. We’ll have photos in the next issue.