Our trip to Kaikoura & Hanmer Springs

During our winter school holidays 2 staff and 9 international students went on a trip to Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs. Here is a trip report by Gary Wei, who is studying at Darfield High School in year 11.

This was my first time to be on this kind of big school trip. The only thing I can say is that, I absolutely enjoyed it very much.

On the trip we saw a lot of things that we hadn’t seen before.

At first we went to a very beautiful park, with lot of trees and stones. Also there were a lot of winding roads but we passed through very easily. The wooden bridge was really nice and was a lot of fun .Very soon we came to a very long and fast waterfall. Our teacher said that, we maybe can see a lot of baby seals here. All of us were very excited about that.

We had waited for a long time, but there were still no baby seals, but we never gave up .We waited for a long time, and some active students made some strange sounds wanting to make the seals come out.

Suddenly someone shouted: ”Wow, so cute!”, and we moved our eyes to the river. There was one cute baby seal, and one was on the rocks. We were very happy and excited.

After that we went back to the accommodation, and cooked for everyone, we had a very nice dinner.

The next day of the trip was very fun too we went to a very nice place called Hanmer Springs. We went to the hot pools for swimming. That was amazing, the temperature in the pools was hot but the weather outside was snowing. We really enjoyed the swimming time, so we went in the water again and again.

At night time we had awesome curry rice. It was cooked by all of us.

On the last day of the trip we went to climb Conical Hill. The snow became deeper and deeper on the road, so we helped each other and became a really good team. On the way we made snow balls and we had a lot of fun in the snow. In the end we stood on the top of the hill and saw the really lovely town below, it was just like a fairy tale world, everything was white.

What a good trip it was, I will never forget my trip to Hanmer Springs & Kaikoura with all the best friends in Darfield High School.

International Trip to Kaikoura & Hanmer Springs