Mona from Germany

Hi—my name is Mona and I am from Germany. I decided to spend one of my 13 high school years at Darfield High School in New Zealand. It has been absolutely amazing. I would never have imagined that this would be such a dream year. I made really good friends who made the year what it has been. The International Department supported me so much that I didn’t need to worry about anything at all and could just enjoy my stay.

I went on great trips with my Outdoor Education class—a three-day tramp through beautiful New Zealand nature, four days rock climbing down in Wanaka (so much fun!), overnight in a snow cave, and skiing and snowboarding with all my friends up at Porter’s with the school Ski Programme. I also went on a big trip with lots of other international students from many different countries down south to so many beautiful and amazing lakes, including jet boating, bungee jumping and skydiving.

Another trip, also organised by the International Department, led us to the Pancake Rocks, an ice walk on the Franz Joseph Glacier on the West Coast, whale watching and swimming with the dolphins (so amazing) and much, much more.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I applied to participate in an exchange to Canada and I was accepted! Those two months were just unbelievable and so much fun. Vancouver is a very beautiful city and I made great friends who all now want to visit me, either in Germany or in my second home in New Zealand.

If you ever get this opportunity take it and live your dream. I promise you, you will be stunned by the new things you will experience. There won‘t be much time to miss your family.Now, having just returned from Canada, I am enjoying my last month in New Zealand on the local ski field before going back to Germany. The last twelve months have definitely been the best ones I have had in my entire life.